The Completeness of Grace

The Completeness of Grace

The gospel tells us good news that is truly good. It’s something that is both morally good but also a “joyful to hear and know” kind of good. Christ paid the penalty for every believer, every where, every age. And one of the most amazing aspects of God’s grace is its completeness. I want to focus on the every time aspect of God’s grace, its completeness.

God did a one-time work of grace for all ages past and present

If our God isn’t sovereign, then grace will always fall short. The wonderful truth is that God is definitely sovereign. He’s also immutable, meaning that He doesn’t change. He was, is, and always will be the same God, acting in the same way. This is great news for believers in every age. If you believed that God would save in Old Testament times, then you believed that He would also provide the means for that salvation, a Savior and Messiah. That faith in God to uphold all of His promises is the key. And that is where it gets interesting. The work of Christ was so powerful that grace through faith in Christ (Messiah, Savior) is applied throughout the ages. All the ledgers of believers’ lives had been marked paid, current, and forever prepaid. Christ’s work on the cross applied His immutable righteousness to our accounts before God as He took the wrath of God towards us. The completeness of God’s grace covers it all for all – past, current, and future believers. This is the completeness of God’s grace.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

John 1:16

Today, take a moment to meditate on this completeness. Let it grow a thankfulness for God’s work through Christ. Be in awe that such a big God completely saves flawed people. Be excited that God worked in amazing ways in ancient times and that He’s still working today in the life of broken people like me and you.