SGC Kids Policy

SGC Kids Policy is based on policies derived from MinistrySafe, a training and screening service that we use to equip our church to conduct safe childcare programs.

Check out MinistrySafe for more information on the safety training program.

Volunteer Requirements & Training

Children’s Ministry volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. All volunteers are required to submit to a nationwide background check that meets the standards of Alabama for childcare workers. They must either have completed or are in the process of completing MinistrySafe certification. Our goal is to ensure that children are kept safe, protected, loved, and led well in holiness during the time that they are under our care.

Supervision Policy

Children must always be supervised by at least two adults when not under the care of a parent. Under no circumstances is an adult to be left alone with a child. Children’s Ministry volunteers will always be scheduled in teams of at least two.

Security Measures

SGC Security Team is dedicated to the safety of all present during SGC gatherings. They ensure the facility is secure and safe by making multiple rounds during the service. They monitor for any suspicious activity and are available for SGC kids in the event that a parent needs to be notified for any reason.

Check-In Your Child

When you arrive or when the children are dismissed, there is a SGC sign-in location in the Fellowship Hall where you can input your information as you drop off your child. If your child has any medical needs, please let the childcare workers know. You can also check-in your child from the mobile app here. →

Sick Policy

If a child has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 24-48 hours, we ask that they be kept out of childcare:
– a fever of 100.4 or above
– vomiting
– diarrhea
– sore throat

Bathroom Procedures

We encourage children to use the restroom prior to participating in SGC Kids. However, in the event that a child needs to use the restroom, the parent who signed the child in will be notified via text to come and escort their child to the restroom. If the parent cannot be reached, a security team member will be notified so as to get in touch with the parent.

Discipline Policy

Should a child be disrespectful or argumentative, Children’s Ministry volunteers will reason with the child in a calm voice. No volunteer will be allowed to physically discipline any child for any reason. If calm, verbal encouragement leads to a change in behavior, parents will not be contacted immediately, but will be informed of the behavior issues and the measures taken that led to resolution. If the child does not respond to calm, verbal encouragement, parents will be called to care for their child.

Food & Drink Policy

Children are welcome to bring water bottles with a top to SGC Kids. We occasionally provide crackers, goldfish, or fruit. If your child has any allergies, please let the childcare workers know.

All SGC Kids volunteers acknowledge that they have read these policies and procedures, agree to it and will abide by the standards set here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor James. He would be delighted to answer any of your questions and/or receive any of your feedback.