Childcare Policy

You can download the below policy by clicking here.

All children will be accompanied by no less than two adults when not under the care of a parent.

When a child needs to use the restroom, the childcare leaders will contact the parents of that child so that they may accompany their child to the restroom and back to the classroom.

Under no circumstance is an adult to be alone with a child.

All childcare workers will be trained in the contents of this policy to ensure that our children are kept safe, protected, loved and led well in holiness during the time that they are under our care. All childcare workers will need to acknowledge that they have read this policy, agree to it and will abide by the standards set here.

Sick Policy
If a child has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 24-48 hours, we ask that they be kept out of childcare:
– a fever of 100.4 or above
– vomiting
– diarrhea
– sore throat

Disciplinary Procedure
Should a child be disrespectful and argumentative, the parent will be contacted. If the childcare leaders are able to reason with the child in a calm voice or a reasonable time out leads to a change in behavior, then parents will not be contacted. However, if these measures do occur, the parent should be informed of the behavior issues and the measures took that led to resolution. No leader will be allowed to physically discipline any child or for any reason.

Background Checks
Childcare workers must be at least 18. All childcare workers voluntarily submit to a nationwide background check that meets the standards of Alabama for childcare workers. No one will be allowed to care for children without a clear background check.